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Turn Your Web Skills Into Native Mobile Apps With AppBuilder

Create cross-platform native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using an instantly available, hyper-productive development environment.

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One Shared Code Base, All Mobile Platforms

No separate projects, no platform-specific code. With AppBuilder, you can develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a single, reusable JavaScript code base.

Use The Hardware You Already Have

Forget buying new hardware to target specific mobile platforms. Use built-in simulation, debugging and deployment tools to create awesome apps for any mobile device from any Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Instantly Experience Your Code

Skip the manual process of building, provisioning and deploying your mobile app, and experience your code changes simply by clicking "Save."

Enhance Your Existing IDE

Extend the capabilities of your favorite tools to support cross-platform mobile development, with plugins for Visual Studio and Sublime Text, and a Command Line Interface (CLI) that works alongside any IDE.

Use Your Favorite UI Frameworks

Work in your preferred UI framework. AppBuilder integrates with NativeScript, Angular, Ionic, Kendo UI Mobile, jQuery Mobile and more.

And that's not all

We Can Help With The Rest Of Your Project Too

As part of the Telerik Platform, our solution helps you manage the entire project lifecycle of your project with integrated tools for prototyping, testing, data services, data connectors, in-app feedback, app management, analytics and more.

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Sample apps for quick start

AppBuilder includes dozens of sample apps to help you easily start developing cross-platform mobile apps in just minutes.

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Verified Cordova/PhoneGap plugins

Curated list of Cordova/PhoneGap plugins that have been thoroughly tested, documented, and extended to empower cross-platform hybrid mobile developers.

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Back in 2006, I started a web dev co, so I knew a thing or 2 about coding. When I decided to start looking at mobile in 2012, I realized that I would likely have to become proficient at a whole new language set just to get started. By coming on board with Telerik AppBuilder, I was able to utilize my past HTML & CSS skills, as well as start from a familiar base. In addition, AppBuilder allowed me to use a single platform for sketching, wireframing, production & testing, without having to start from scratch at each key point in the development process. The simplicity of the AppBuilder platform also meant that I didn't even have to think about the structures required to setup the development environment. Click and it was ready to go. As a result, our sales process with some large end clients has shortened considerably, and we've been able to pitch working demo's rather than mock-ups - an important differentiator in the B2E space. We now have 5 apps in development, with another 5 planned for immediately after. If you aren't yet using AppBuilder, you are costing yourself time, money & 'management bandwidth'.

Daniel Mumby Chief Energy Officer, PALM Marketing

I am using the Telerik AppBuilder, and already built my first app - Get Transfer, which allows travelers to book private transportation from airports to hotels and vise versa. It’s very enjoyable working with AppBuilder - everything is running smoothly, I don't need a mac, and I even uploaded my app to the app store directly through AppBuilder. I was very excited that my application got approved on the Apple store from the first time! The biggest benefit of AppBuilder is that it has it all. Literally all. The right workspace, nice and intuitive interface, version control, emulator for any platform, and most importantly it has everything you need to publish your app on Google play store and App store. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start creating cross-platform mobile apps.

Tamir Guberman Software Developer, Get Transfer

Thanks to Telerik Backend Services and AppBuilder, I was able to release my first app, Hidden Cuisine, in two months. Telerik Backend Services makes it easy to store and access your data in the cloud.

Blake Scarlavai Creator, Hidden Cuisine

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