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The 30-day Trial Gives You

  • Xamarin wrappers for UI for iOS
  • Xamarin wrappers for UI for Android
  • Xamarin.Forms wrappers for Calendar, Chart, DataForm, ListView and SideDrawer
  • Online documentation
  • 72h turn-around support during your trial provided by the same developers
    who build UI for Xamarin

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Xamarin Studio
  • Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher
  • Xamarin plug-in for Visual Studio

You cannot use the Xamarin plug-in with Express editions of Visual Studio due to lack of plug-in support.


  • A Macintosh running OS X Mountain Lion or higher. We recommend using the latest version.
  • Xamarin iOS SDK, Xamarin Android SDK
  • Apple’s Xcode IDE and iOS SDK. We recommend the latest version from the App Store.

The Windows computer must be able to reach the Mac via the network.

Learning Resources


Detailed help articles and API references for all Telerik Xamarin controls.


Find answers to your questions in the Telerik forums.

Support Resources

Gather information and code snippets to help you develop, test and publish your applications.


More about UI for Xamarin

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