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Something does not work as you expect? Stuck in a complex scenario? Get the necessary help!

How do I…?

Check out the FAQ page ↗.

Browse the Stack Overflow kendo-ui-angular2 questions ↗.

If you did not find something that matches your case, open a new thread ↗.

When do you plan on releasing Feature X?

Check the Roadmap for the planned items. If the item you need is not present there, check our feedback portal. If someone has already posted it there, you can upvote it. If nobody has requested it so far, you can post a new idea.

I think I found a bug

Review the issues in the GitHub repository ↗. Maybe someone has already reported it and it will be fixed soon.

The problem might have also been fixed. In this case, you will find the issue in the closed list ↗.

If you cannot find your issue, follow the reproduction steps guide below. We will look into it.

I want to report a bug

Kendo UI for Angular uses GitHub issues as official bug trackers. The telerik/kendo-angular2 repository is there for that purpose—it does not contain the actual components source code.


  1. Find an example in the documentation that looks similar to your case.
  2. Open it in Plunker by using the OPEN AS PLUNKER button.
  3. Modify the plunk, so that the issue is reproducible in it. Try to include the minimum possible amount of code.
  4. Save the plunk by using the blue Save button at the top.
  5. Copy the link from the address bar of the browser.
  6. Open a new issue and add the plunker link in the description.
  7. Provide any additional information necessary for us to reproduce the problem such as browser version, steps to perform, etc.

If you submit an issue without a plunker, or one that includes unnecessary third-party dependencies or application-specific implementation, the issue will be closed until its proper reproduction is provided.

If you need assistance on troubleshooting or isolating a problem in your implementation, you can request a Progress professional service.

I need commercial-grade support

We offer private support through Your Account on